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Here at James Kristian, we always strive to provide maximum quality services when it comes to property sales and lettings. We work very closely with landlords, and we have a great understanding of property management in Liverpool, as we are landlords ourselves.

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We realise the importance of a speedy turnaround on tenant changes and achieving the highest possible income that can be earned from renting out your property.

This is where we specialise, in particular through our first-class Let Only and Full Management services for landlords.

Let Only is the more simplified of the two options, this involves us finding you suitable tenants for your property, as well as carrying out referencing and completing the tenancy agreement.

Full Management takes things further, we create an inventory for the house and all of its belongings, collect rent payments, handle any tenant queries, cover any required maintenance work, and provide appropriately timed inspections of the property to ensure that it remains in an excellent condition.

Simply put, Let Only allows us to handle the most important tasks of any rental agreement, while Full Management essentially takes on all of the tenancy and rental tasks, so you don’t have to.

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Both options include services, which saves time for landlords trying to find suitable tenants, which can then be allocated towards other pressing things.

James Kristian specialises in both online and offline marketing, designed to promote your property in the best manner possible for a fast rental.

We work on matching tenants with suitable homes based on their bespoke requirements. We maintain tenant relationships beyond the moving-in date, ensuring your property is well maintained for the duration of the tenancy.

We supply visible and proactive reporting on all of our managed properties, with the added benefit for landlords, we have a ready and waiting corporate and qualified tenant waiting list.

James Kristian will provide all of these as well as any other duties that are required by landlords, but key to all of this are the specific qualities that James Kristian brings to service delivery as a whole.

Landlords can be assured James Kristian adheres to the top industry standards, being a member of The Property Ombudsman. We expect the highest levels of service from our team at all times, with those employees bringing many years of experience, substantial local knowledge and expertise.

This means that they have incredible knowledge of how to handle any and every situation that may arise with a property and/or a tenant.

We remain professional throughout and pride ourselves on our customer-friendly approach, because these are qualities that we would wish to receive from any companies providing us with a service.

In addition, you can fully trust James Kristian when it comes to rental guarantees and client money protection, both of which are extremely important for any landlord.

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We have extended our opening hours from 9am to 6pm throughout the week, though we can be contacted 24/7 by tenants who have any questions to ask us about the property and/or their rental agreement.

Our pricing structure is competitive and fair to all parties, meaning that you are not only getting the utmost professionalism from us, but you will also be making a significant saving on money and time.

For Liverpool landlords, we are fully aware of the property market within the city and bring a particularly home grown perspective to all of our services.

Knowledge of the area and of industry trends within the city combine with a family-run operation which makes us more than just a faceless organisation.

we are out and about, we can be seen visiting properties and meeting with landlords with a bright smile and a local knowledge, and as members of The Property Ombudsman, we are fully qualified to find the best properties possible for tenants.

For landlords, James Kristian are the ideal team to work with when it comes to ensuring that the most suitable properties match with the most trustworthy tenants, and we will cover the key elements of the tenancy and rental processes, let James Kristian take the stress out of your landlord services in Liverpool.

You can find out more about these services and about James Kristian as a whole by visiting our website, which is www.james-kristian.co.uk.

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