Bootle by the Sea, So Much History

It’s hard to believe that Bootle was once a thriving seaside resort, but its true.

Back in the early 19th Century, Bootle was the place for the wealthier residents of Liverpool to come and splash in the sea, and enjoy the summer sunshine.

The history of Bootle goes back way before the 19th Century though, with Bootle being mentioned in the Domesday book in 1086, known then as ‘Botelai’.

Bootle in the Domesday Book

The original village sat at the junction of Merton Rd and Litherland Rd, which even today is known as Bootle village, and is still one of the most popular places to live, with houses for sale in Bootle being very popular in that area.

In the late 19th century the town started to grow, as the expansion of the docks attracted Irish immigration into the area, with the attraction of work and houses to rent in Bootle.

In 1851 only a few docks came as far north as Bootle, were the docks are now, were residential areas that stretched from Kirkdale up to Seaforth.

But expansion came not without trouble though, as some of the dockside streets became notorious.

The case of the ‘The Teapot Murders’ happened on Lyons Street, where two sailors killed several call girls, that incident was one of multiple murders that happened in the street.

The incidents resulted in the street changing its name to Beresford street shortly after.

By the end of the 19th Century Bootle was a thriving town in the midst of expansion, and the amenities to service the population also began to emerge.

Bootle Baths in Balliol road was built at this time, South Park and Bootle Cricket Club also became fixtures within the community, with the cricket club moving to it current home in 1883.The North Park first appears on a map in 1894, and The Metropole Theatre was situated on Stanley Rd and played host to the biggest music hall stars of the day.

For the residents of Bootle one of the biggest events of the year was the annual May Day carnival, with one lucky lady being crowned May Queen.

Bootle Mayday Queen( Bootle May Day Parade 1903)

Bootle was the target for many German bombs in the wartime area, with the docklands often glowing red at night as the bombs caused major fires to the warehouses during the blitz.

There are many a tale of the bombs that fell on Bootle, with families hiding for shelter in the basements, and in the Anderson shelters built in the back garden.

It has been noted that up to 90% of all houses in Bootle sustained damage during world war two, but just as importantly it was an important naval point with the HMS Starling sailing from Bootle to fight in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Bootle had the dubious distinction of being the most heavily bombed borough in the whole of the UK.

Bootle in the Blitz(Bianca Street Bootle)

Post war Bootle was redeveloped in the 60’s with most of the large offices being built, such as The Giro, and The Triad, with The New Strand shopping Centre being developed in the early 60’s.

This provided the heartbeat of the local Bootle community for shopping and meeting with friends, and still does today.

Bootle New Strand(The New Strand Under Construction)

In the present day the docks are expanding still with the cranes from the new super dock standing firm on the horizon, bringing new trade and bigger ships than ever into the Freeport.

Bootle Super Dock(The Superdock)

Community is important, and Bootle is a community with a long history. James Kristian has been serving Bootle for over 10 years, looking to provide the best properties for the people of Bootle to buy or let.

If we can help you to find houses for sale in Bootle, or homes to rent in Bootle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help you.



Whats On In Waterloo – A Guide.

Spring is around the corner, and even though there’s still a chill in the air, it won’t be long now before the warmer weather starts breaking through.

One of the best places to enjoy the nicer weather and find some time to enjoy a stroll is Waterloo.

Poised on the edge of the sea, Waterloo is one of the best areas locally for greenery, space and local amenities.

The area is known for its Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian Villas, which stretch out facing the sea and overlooking the marina gardens.

On a sunny afternoon you can take a leisurely stroll around the lake, up to the seafront, and onto the beach.

The Marina has an excellent bar and bistro, housed in the Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, which overlooks the lake, where you can enjoy a nice meal and a drink as you watch the activities.

Marina Lake, Waterloo

Ranging from the local triathlon club swim training, to the windsurfers gliding over the top of the waves, and the local sailors enjoying the lake.

It’s only a short walk to the beach front, which houses the world famous “Another Place” the permanent art installation from Anthony Gormley, which spans the beach from Waterloo up to Blundellsands.

The installation itself comprises of 100 cast iron figures that look hauntingly out to see in silent expectation.

Another Place, Anthony Gormley

Gormley wanted to harness the ebb and flow of the tide, exploring mans relationship with nature.

And for an attraction to have in the local area its been a fantastic addition to waterloo and Crosby.

Aside from the natural beauty of Waterloo, we also have our local slice of culture that comes via the Plaza Cinema.

The Plaza opened originally in 1939, and before the advent of cinema it was a live entertainment venue, where some of the countries biggest entertainers would perform.

It was converted in 1976 to the three screen cinema we have today, The Plaza is now run by a community charity, which saved the cinema from closure and redevelopment.

The Plaza continues to show the latest movies to the local Waterloo community, at a much cheaper price than the big multi screen franchises.

Plaza Cinema Waterloo

Just around the corner from the Plaza is South Road, which over the last 10 years has become one of the best places in Liverpool for restaurants, bars and live music venues.

South Road runs from Cremona Corner down to the Marina lake, and the range of restaurants cover the whole of the road, but also covers the globe when it comes to eating choices.

You can choose from Indian, Nepalise, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and a good old burger in Wetherspoons if you fancy it.

South Road has become a bit of a mecca for foodies, and Saturday evenings are the busiest as you see lots of people moving in and out of the restaurants and bars.

There are some great live music venues such as The Old Bank, and Stamps Too. Where you can see the local talent performing for the crowds.

But if it’s a more sedate kind of activity you’re looking for, then there’s the Waterloo Farmers and Artisans market, which is an indoor market with stalls selling a variety of produce from farms and other traders located in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Wales and elsewhere.

The market is situated in Old Christ Church in Waterloo, which also houses the Waterloo Flea Market.

An all indoor market with up to 80 stalls selling a variety of products in a magnificent Grade II listed building.

Christ Church Waterloo

So if you are looking for something to do in Waterloo you are spoiled for choice. Stay local for a great time, or if you need to get away for a weekend break, try a Lake District Hotels as an alternate before you come back to Waterloo.

No wonder the area is a popular place for people to live, with great schools and transport links, the main bus routes and train station are situated in in the middle of South Road.

Which makes commuting to the city centre easy and quick.

If Waterloo is somewhere you have been thinking about moving to, then there are plenty of positives to help inform your decision.

Why not let James Kristian help you find the right place, we are local estate agents in Waterloo.

Estate Agents Waterloo

If you are looking for houses to rent in Waterloo, or houses for sale in Waterloo, then we have the experience and local knowledge to help you find just the right place.

We are situated on Cremona Corner at the junction of South Road and Crosby Road.

If you are visiting Waterloo, then why not call in and see how we can help you find the right place to live.

If its evening strolls along the beach among the ironmen, or drinks, restaurants and entertainment, Waterloo has it all.

Summer is on the way so why not plan to make the most of it, and enjoy all that Waterloo has to offer.