Ten Tips For Landlords

James Kristian are a leading letting agent in Waterloo who landlords can work with when looking to manage houses to rent in Bootle, Litherland and Waterloo amongst other local areas.

It pays for landlords to be aware of how they can become more knowledgeable about not only handling property rentals, but also about handling tenant relationships to ensure longer-term commitments and full client satisfaction.

In this article, we provide ten points that landlords should be mindful of, especially those who are in the early stages of their careers, and who are still picking up tips of the trade.

Tip 1

To begin with, a landlord should make sure that the agency that they work with are credible, trustworthy and have a strong track record, as well as seeing what industry bodies they are members of.

If a landlord wants to make sure of good management, they should pair up with a letting agent that also acts with the highest levels of professionalism and customer care. Fortunately for those landlords reading, James Kristian are perfectly suited to tick all these boxes and many others in proving to be a leading letting agent in Liverpool.

Tip 2

The second thing is to understand the market trends, as well as being proactive in attempting to identify other potential trends before they become a reality.

Tip 3

On a similar note, the third tip is very important, and that is to be aware of the rules and regulations within the property world, which includes being acquiescent with tax legislation and any other laws which have to be adhered to for landlord compliance.

Sometimes, landlords might overlook the sudden implementation of certain guidelines which can prove to have a major impact in the subsequent years, but when it comes to the law, ignorance or obliviousness is not an excuse for non-compliance.

Conducting thorough research and always keeping an eye on what is and isn’t legal is not only a recommendation, but a necessity.

Tip 4

Number four on our list concerns other parties that a landlord might establish a connection with in order to prepare properties to the highest possible standard in terms of quality and safety. We’re talking about gas and electricity experts, and this ties into our fifth tip, which is about taking out related policies that cover both the future renter and the landlord.

Tip 5

British Gas’ Homecare Policy is highly recommended, which will really help the client in the winter months, but landlord insurance is also essential, as it includes rent protection and legal protection, which covers the landlord in the event of some unusual circumstances that would otherwise place him or her in a problematic position.

Tip 6

Next, a landlord should think about the areas that they wish to prioritise. For instance, there are plenty of great houses to rent in Bootle, and it is also very much a localised community, which might help landlords to target clients who wish to remain within the area.

Tip 7

Litherland also has some fantastic properties, as well as having shopping districts and green parks nearby. Waterloo, meanwhile, has a plethora of homes surrounded by entertainment and service options.

By identifying specific areas and focusing increased attention on those districts, it becomes easier for a landlord to not only build up a property portfolio, but to expound the benefits of each site for would-be clients.

Speaking of which, we now come to four major points relating directly to the future tenants. We strongly encourage landlords to keep in close contact with customers whenever possible.

Tip 8

This includes having a good level of regular communication, because it builds trust from their end and also gives the landlord increased confidence that they will remain at the property beyond the initial tenancy agreement.

A key aspect of this is to be listening at all times, as a client may raise an issue that may seem minor to the landlord, but could ultimately be impactful to the customer.

Tip 9

On a related note, a landlord should be quick to respond whenever any queries are brought up, because clients can recognise when the landlord seeks to eliminate any causes of concern at the earliest possible stage.

Tip 10

Finally, emphasise to a would-be tenant that the first-class customer service offered by the landlord is part of the package that comes with the property and the letting agent like James Kristian.

This will make the tenant less inclined to move elsewhere, since they wouldn’t just be changing houses, but also changing landlords, which could make their experience at an alternative property less enjoyable.

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