What To Do When Your Home Isn’t Selling

Selling your home is a big decision to make and often coming to the point of putting it on the market could have taken months of deliberation. So you speak to your agent and place your home up for sale and wait for the offers to come in.

You are full of excitement and anticipation as the viewings start, and you hope you are going to make the sale quickly and move on to the next chapter in your life.

What happens when you have had some viewings but no offers come in, or not the offer you want, and after some time on the market the interest fades and the time between viewings becomes less and less.

It’s easy to become dispirited when this happens, but if a house has been on the market for too long without selling there is generally a reason, and it may be time to reassess the situation and be objective as to why it hasn’t sold.

Is The Price Right

It’s an all too common occurrence unfortunately that houses are priced too highly by agents when they talk to prospective sellers to win the business, luring them into a false hope of the price they may achieve for their property.

This is not a practice James Kristian encourages at all, as it leads the seller to believe they may achieve more for their property than they actually will.

Before you agree to place your house for sale in Litherland with an estate agent do some research online to find out how much houses in your road, or the local area has sold for recently.

This will give you a realistic price for what you should achieve for your property, indeed it will tell you if your house is over valued and the reason why you may not be getting the viewings you anticipated.

If you feel your property may not be valued at the correct price to achieve your sale then discuss this with your estate agent, you can also get a second opinion from other agents in your area to make sure you have the correct valuation to get people viewing your property.

Presentation Is Key

Making sure your house is presented in the best manner is essential to achieving a sale, first impressions count, especially when a potential buyer enters your home.

They have a vision in their mind on how the house will look, and if they enter and find clutter untidiness this can put them off from making an offer.

Despite all the property programs you see on TV, most people don’t want to carry out big renovation jobs on a house they are going to buy.

Most people want to move in, redecorate and live in it, so if you present to them a messy cluttered house it will give a bad impression and make it seem there is a lot of work to do to make the house liveable to their standard.

If you want the house to sell quickly and not sit on the market for months then make sure you get rid of all clutter before viewings, its best to depersonalise the property from you to make it easier for the viewer to visualise how they would like it.

It’s worth investing in some paint and give the house a makeover before it goes onto the market, this doesn’t have to be too expensive, but freshening up the rooms and creating space will make a massive difference when it comes to achieving the sale.

When you put your property up for sale you are effectively competing with other sellers in the same price bracket. So make your property stand out from the crowd by presenting it in the best fashion.

If you haven’t done this and your property has been sitting on the market for a while then it’s time to invest some time and effort into clearing the clutter and giving your property a make over to get those offers coming in.

How’s The Maintenance

Apart from clutter, which is fairly easy to remedy, how is the general condition of the house, are there any prominent cracks in the walls? Is the gate hanging off its hinges? Do the windows leak?

These are all issues that would cost the buyer money to remedy, and they may not have the time or the budget to fix any major structural issues. If there are these kinds of issues it will deter a sale, or attract an offer well below your asking price.

Do all you can to ensure these kinds of issues are repaired ahead of any viewings to make the sale move forward without any untoward delays.

Make the sale

Selling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster, and its easy to get sucked into thinking you will achieve a quick sale for your preferred asking price. But you have to be objective before you put your house on the market.

In preparation to make the sale have a good look around as if you were the buyer, what jumps out at you that would prevent you from buying your own property.

Its even a better idea to get a friend round and ask them to view the property as if they where a potential buyer, and draw up a list of the negative points they find that would prevent them from making an offer.

This will give you a realistic idea of the issues that will prevent a sale and leave your house sitting on the market for an unnecessary length of time.

If you would like an objective opinion on what your house is worth, and any issues that may prevent it from selling give us a call at James Kristian estate agents in Waterloo, and we can have a discussion on the state of the market and how you need to stage your home to make the sale.

Or feel free to call into our office and one of our friendly team will be happy to chat with you on the best options available for you to sell your property as quickly as possible and for the best price for you.

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